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Writing a First Draft – The Word on College Reading and Writing

There are different methods and techniques to write an essay. It is solely at your discretion which one you follow. You would prefer a model that covers your topic effectively with every possible aspect or dimension. You know that there are two sides to a single coin in reality but in literature, it could be more than two. In the same way, two plus two is four but only in math while in literature it could be three or five.

I have had such an experience in my college final year when I opted for an essay assignment instead of attempting a quiz. There is no doubt that writing an essay is a tricky task and one wrong move may end up failing a subject. But students should not be worried about it because they can get an essay from an academic essay writing service from different online resources. I believe students who face difficulties in writing essays should also avail such services.

You have to be sure while writing an essay because you have to follow certain principles. These principles are important otherwise you would end up writing an incorrect essay and revising your assignment. Writing an essay means you have to convince your reader to follow your point of view. However, the model or sequence of your essay is very important that is why it varies in the case of an argumentative and narrative essay.

In the case of an argumentative essay, you normally present arguments both positive and negative. Persuasion means to convince your reader to agree with you on a certain point whether it is about the economy, social issue, politics, or environment. Make one point clear that your ideas are backed by facts and figures otherwise it would look like an opinion article. I know how many challenges students face as once I was also a student.

When I contacted them, custom essay writing service not only helped me to write my essay but guided me step by step about how to craft an essay. You should know that a good essay always starts from a rough draft as it gives you a rough idea about crafting an excellent essay. A good essay draft must include a theme, character, plot, conflict, and setting. The inclusion of these elements adds eloquence and consistency to your essay.

Ø Once upon a time, I was on my regular evening walk in the streets of Manhattan. In the summer evening, the weather was very pleasant and I started jogging. For the first time after five years, I saw Cassandra, my college crush in Central Park. I wanted to ignore her as I did not have any motive to speak with her and I thought she might have forgotten me. Surprisingly, when she saw me, she came towards me with a mysterious smile. At first, I was not confident to speak with her because she was so gorgeous just like in my college years and since then she had not aged a day. During the conversation, she told me that she got a job in lower Manhattan in an insurance company. She had started her job two months ago and moved from Washington DC to New York City. I was surprised to know because I was also a resident of lower Manhattan. We chatted for a while and left the park with a promise to see each other on the same spot the next day

However, if a professional essay writing service is writing an essay, then he might adopt techniques of chronological order, a point of view, and a simple narrative style. It means you can adopt multiple methods to write an excellent draft only then you would be able to write an extraordinary essay. For your guidance, I am writing down some essay drafts. By following them you can also craft an excellent essay.

Ø Central City is usually known as a city of chaos, in this city, there is not a single day when the residents do not witness a tragedy. It was a normal city but an event changed it forever when an explosion occurred in the physics lab. The lab holds a particle accelerator meant to do futuristics experiments. There is no doubt that it was an unfortunate event but the explosion posed a challenge for the residents. When the particle accelerator exploded it released an immense amount of energy into the environment. At the time of the explosion, no one knew the nature of the explosion and what type of energy was released into the atmosphere. The explosion was only one part of the problem. The second issue was the people who were directly hit by the energy beams developed some sort of superpowers. Later physicists found out that at the night of the explosion mysterious energy, most probably dark matter and antimatter was released into the atmosphere that changed humans into superhumans……..

These two are essay drafts and two complete essays can be developed around these depending upon the essay instructions by an online essay writing service . Just make sure that you know all essay types as the sequence of arguments would vary in the body paragraphs. In such a case, the overall format of an essay would remain the same following introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. It means you need to be vigilant while writing an essay and do not hesitate if you want to get help from an academic essay writer. He can ensure that you secure good grades in your essay assignment.

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