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Inform Clinics offers the plastic and cosmetic surgery in Hyderabad, India. One of the most skilled and experienced cosmetic and plastic surgeon Dr. Dushyanth Kalva conducts all these surgical treatments so that one can achieve the desired body and face shape. Blepharoplasty is a popular eyelid surgery wherein the surgeon makes changes to the skin, muscles, or fat of the upper or lower eyelids. It is done for cosmetic purposes to make eyes appear more alert and youthful or for medical reasons such as treatment of impaired peripheral vision due to sagging of the upper eyelids. The surgery involves making small hidden incisions that are well concealed within the natural skin creases on the eyelid and are associated with minimal visible scarring. Through the cuts, the excess lid skin is removed, excess fat may be repositioned, and the eyelid muscles may be tightened. As eyes are prominent parts of the face, this surgery results in a youthful-looking face. To know more, schedule a consultation at Inform Clinics. Visit: Hair transplantation: Best Approach For Hair Restoration

Ajitesh Verma

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