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Share functionality:AutoCAD starts with the belief that you will be sharing your work. The Share functionality allows you to share your drawings, models, and updates in near real-time. It provides an ideal way to get feedback on a design and adjust your work in seconds.Motion Paths:Create dynamic and interactive shapes with motion path technology. Bring your drawings to life with motion path animations, add animations to existing paths and draw shapes that have motion paths. (video: 8:37 min.)Draw viewports in context:Automatically create or edit a new drawing from existing layers or viewports. (video: 6:11 min.)Arc tools:Draw paths with the classic approach, or take advantage of arc tools to draw professional curves in a single command. (video: 8:48 min.)Fit viewports to:Be sure to measure accurately in the real world. Fitting viewports to the available space can save valuable time and make it easier to work with your design from start to finish.Structure handling:Choose the best viewport for your design. Leverage relationships between drawings to quickly figure out which viewport is best for any given design.Sketch tools:Sketch tools can be used quickly to get a quick idea of the shape and appearance of a design.Viewport Panning:Create multiple, independent viewports to easily design from many perspectives at once. The new design tools allow you to create and share accurate, multi-perspective models and drawings with others.Imports:Easily import models and diagrams from other programs or export models to other CAD programs.Raster/Vector tools:Autocad provides tools for working with both the raster (bitmap) and vector (geometric) worlds. For designers who want the best of both worlds, Autocad provides the capability to import, export, and blend between the two formats.Design-based drafting:The Design-based drafting (DBD) functionality has been expanded to allow for even more creative ways of working with your designs. Whether you're looking for a quick sketch, a better way to lay out your design on the page, or a simpler way to annotate your drawings, the Design-based drafting tools provide the functionality you need 2be273e24d


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