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Discover the Art of Traditional Paper-Making

Immerse Yourself in Craft Culture

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Warm greeting from Goang Xing! :)
We offer Chinese tour in our paper mill every 30 minites from 9:30 to 16:00
(we take a break from 12:00~13:00).

If you would like to have the tour in English,

please fill in the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Join our events

Thank your! We will contact you via E-mail soon:)

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Experience the magic of traditional paper-making firsthand

Witness skilled artisans craft exquisite paper products and participate in hands-on workshops and create your own unique paper

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Explore Puli Town

Nestled near the picturesque Sun Moon Lake, Puli Township is the heartland of Taiwanese paper manufacturing. Discover the rich cultural heritage and charm of this historic town. Immerse yourself in the local traditions and experience authentic Taiwanese hospitality.

Goang Xing Paper Mill

Founded in 1965, Goang Xing Paper Mill has dedicated ourselves to innovate, customize and produce handmade paper for artist uses, such as calligraphy, traditioanl Chinese paintings and arts conservation.


Now, we produce over 100 kinds of refine paper and have around 10 paper craftsmen who have dedicated themselves in the mill for
several decades.


we aim to make traditioanl craft of handmade paper also sustainalbe. Visit us to see how we turn the tradition into a new classic.

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What our visitor's have said about us:

"Guang Xiang paper factory was a great experience. You get to make paper yourself and learn about the rich history of Taiwanese paper"

Visitor from Finland, 24 

"I learned so much. The visit was definitely something unique that you can't experience anywhere else."

Visitor from Germany, 37 

Learn how traditional hand-made paper
is manufactured

Steam and boil tree bark

Pick out  impurity

Beat into pulp

Form the paper

Press out extra water

Dry the paper

Make traditional paper products on our tour


Make paper by yourself and into different of product,

such as a fan or a print painting


Make a hanging picture with ancent printing

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Make a handprint of yours (and you can put yours and your friends' or family's hand prints together!)

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